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Foundation Courses (6 Courses, 18-21 Credits)

Foundation courses include CUNY's Required Common Core plus Foreign Language in CUNY's College Option.

The Foundation Courses comprise requirements in English Composition (6 credits), Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning (3-4 credits), a Lab Science: Life and Physical Science (3 credits), and Foreign Language (6 credits). Students may substitute STEM variants for the mathematics and science courses.

English Composition Requirement (6 Credits)

All students must successfully complete a six-credit sequence in English composition (-121). Every student should enroll in an English composition course each semester until ENG 121 is passed. Students who are placed in English as a Second Language courses must complete these courses before taking English Composition. Entering students who have completed equivalent English composition coursework will be placed in the appropriate course by the English Department.

Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning Requirement (3-4 Credits)

All students are required to successfully complete the following course MAT 126: Quantitative Reasoning. Students may substitute for this course one of the mathematics courses in the list of STEM Variants (see the left navigation panel access this list).

Life and Physical Science Requirement (3-5 Credits)

All students are required to successfully complete one course in a laboratory science from the following list of courses (CHE 137** has a Corequisite in Distribution Courses: Scientific World CHE 138**):

  • BIO 173 Human Biology
  • CHE 137** Elements of Chemistry I
  • PHY 131 Conceptual Physics
  • PHY 141 Sound, Speech and Music
  • PHY 151 Energy and the Environment

Students may substitute for any of these courses one of the science courses in the list of STEM Variants (see the left navigation panel access this list).

Foreign Language Requirement (6 Credits)

This is part of the CUNY College Option. Students are required to take two foreign language courses in the same language.

Students who continue in a foreign language previously studied in high school or college must be placed in the proper sequential course by the Languages and Literatures Department. If a student completes one semester of a foreign language at the intermediate level or above (numbered 201 or higher), one Foreign Language Option course may be substituted for the second required language course with the permission of the Languages and Literatures Department. The following courses comprise the Foreign Language Option: ENG 223: English Literature, ENG 226: Shakespeare, ENG 227: American Literature, HIS 240: East Asian Civilization, HIS 246: Civilizations of the Ancient World, HIS 249: Islamic Civilization, PHI 169: Critical Reasoning, PHI 170: Introduction to Logic, PHI 171: Problems of Philosophy, POL 229: Classical Political Economy. (These courses cannot also serve to meet Distribution requirements.)

Last modified: 7/30/2015