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Departmental Grade Appeals

When a student considers a grade unjust, he/she should first confer with the instructor. Students are required to initiate grade appeals before the end of the eighth week of a semester following the entry of a permanent grade. Second judgments and additional work are not permitted. If a student is not satisfied that justice has been done, he/she may appeal in writing to the department chair. If the chair is the instructor in question, the senior member of the department Personnel and Budget Committee will act for the chair.

  1. The chair will appoint a review committee of at least two department members who, with the chair, will review the appeal. The committee will examine all materials relevant to the appeal, submitted by both the instructor and the student, and will prepare a written report of its findings, either sustaining the original grade or recommending a change.
  2. The chair will notify the student, the instructor, and the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation of the committee's decision. If the committee recommends a grade change, the chair will forward that recommendation (A-1) with the decision.
  3. The decision of the review committee will be binding on both parties.

Last modified: 7/30/2015