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CUNY/SUNY Community College Graduates

To earn the bachelor's degree at Lehman, CUNY/SUNY Associate Degree graduates need to complete the courses required for the major/minor, two upper-division interdisciplinary courses, one writing-intensive course, and elective courses if needed to meet the minimum 120-credit requirement.

CUNY/SUNY Associate Degree graduates who have substantial liberal arts and science credits from their community colleges will generally need only 60 credits to complete the Lehman bachelor's degree. Students transferring fewer liberal arts and science credits to Lehman from their Associate Degree programs may need more than 60 Lehman credits to meet New York State education regulations. New York State education regulations mandate a minimum of 90 liberal arts and sciences credits for the B.A., 60 credits for the B.S., and 30 for the B.F.A. and B.B.A.

Last modified: 3/11/2014