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Cumulative Index

A student's overall level of scholarship is reflected in the cumulative index. Each student is expected to compute the index from the accompanying instructions and table and to recompute it each subsequent semester for a cumulative total. A cumulative index may not be computed by averaging the semester indices. Students should check their computation against their official transcripts. Grades and Credits in the cumulative index include: (1) all grades earned at the College, including F, FIN, WF, WN, WU, and J (no longer used) and those earned in a Lehman summer session and (2) all grades earned in courses taken at Lehman or City University study-abroad programs, provided that the students have received prior departmental approval. Grades and Credits to be excluded are those grades earned in any previous institution or program not listed in the preceding section and all P, NC, INC, R, PEN, and W.

Last modified: 7/30/2015