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Credit by Departmental Examination

All departments at Lehman College may offer credits by means of a departmental examination, provided the individual departments are convinced that the student, through previous study and/or work, is qualified to take the examination in a specific course. The department may assign either credit (representing a grade of C or better) or no credit to the examination. Students who fail this examination may not repeat it. Students requesting credit by departmental examination must pay the Qualifying Examination Fee as listed in the section on "Noninstructional Fees" in the chapter on "Tuition and Fees" in this Bulletin.

The maximum number of credits students may earn through external examinations and life-experience credit (awarded through the Adult Degree Program), exclusive of Advanced Placement examinations, is 30. (For further information, consult the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation, Shuster Hall, Room 280.)

Last modified: 7/30/2015