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Course Offerings, Levels, and Codes

Alpha Code Subject Matter

Undergraduate Lehman College courses are identified by a three-letter abbreviation (Alpha Code) followed by a three-digit number. The letters indicate the subject area of the course. For example: HIA 111 is a course in ancient history, while ENW 317 is a writing course offered by the Department of English. The meanings of the Alpha Codes are listed at the end of this chapter.

Jointly Offered Courses

Some courses are offered by two or more departments or programs. Before signing up for these courses, students should determine carefully the department or program under which they wish to register. The course code may not be changed after the student has registered for the semester.

Number Code: Course Level and Category

The three-digit number assigned to each course indicates the level and in some instances the type of course. For example: BIO 166 is intended for beginning students in biology, while BIO 490 is an advanced course limited to upper-class majors in biology. The meanings of the numbers are as follows:

Last modified: 7/30/2015