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Computer Science, B.A. (43-46 Credit Major)

There are twelve required courses:

Course Code and Title Hours/Credits

MAT 175: Calculus I (4 hours, 4 credits)

MAT 176: Calculus II (4 hours, 4 credits)

MAT 313: Linear Algebra (4 hours, 4 credits)

CMP 167: Programming Methods I (4 hours, 3 credits)

CMP 232: Elementary Discrete Structures & Applications to Computer Science (4 hours, 4 credits)

CMP 267: Programming Methods II (4 hours, 3 credits)

CMP 334: Computer organization (4 hours, 4 credits)

CMP 338: Data Structures (4 hours, 4 credits)

CMP 339: Programming Languages or

CMP 426: Operating Systems (4 hours, 4 credits)

CMP 405: Introduction to Networking or

CMP 420: Database Systems (4 hours, 3-4 credits)

Two advanced (300- or 400-level) CMP electives (MAT 226 can be used as one of these electives).


  1. All students, particularly those considering graduate work, are advised to take more upper-level Computer Science courses. (The list above is only the minimum required for graduation.)
  2. For Departmental honors, see one of the advisers in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Last modified: 9/3/2014