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College Now for High School Students

College Now is a collaborative initiative of the City University of New York and the New York City Department of Education. Its primary goals are to improve the academic achievement of high school students and to help New York City public high school students meet or exceed the requirements for high school graduation and the admissions requirements for baccalaureate degree programs at the City University of New York. College Now also seeks to provide underprepared high school students with the enriched instruction and enhanced support services they need to do well in high school and to be prepared for college.

In most cases, a public high school partners with a CUNY college to design a program of academic and preparatory courses and workshops. College Now also offers two summer programs and professional development opportunities for teachers.

High school students can attend a variety of on-campus activities and, depending on their qualifications, choose from the following courses and workshops:

  • introductory-level college credit courses; and/or
  • non-credit preparatory courses and workshops; and/or
  • specially developed high school credit classes.

Each college/high school partnership develops its own course offerings based on the needs of the student population at a particular school and the strengths and resources of the institutions involved. Students who enroll in college credit courses must pass the ELA or Math A/B Regents examinations with grades of 75 or better, or achieve a 480 (or equivalent on the revised test) on the SAT verbal and math sections.

Last modified: 7/30/2015