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**CHE 104: Introductory Chemistry I.

3 hours, 1.5 credits. (CHE 104 and 106 together are equivalent to CHE 166. Either CHE 104 and 106 or CHE 166 is required of students taking more than one year of chemistry—except students majoring in nutrition—and of pre-engineering students. Either 104 and 106 or 166 is recommended to premedical, preveterinary, and predental students.) A course presenting the fundamental laws and theories of chemistry. Considerable emphasis will be placed on the application of the mathematical and reasoning skills necessary to solve chemical problems. PREREQ: Completion of the College's Requirement in Mathematics. NOTE: CHE 104 is not credited without CHE 106. A student may receive credit for only one of the following: CHE 104 and 106, 114, 136, and 166. (See information for corequisite courses.)

Last modified: 3/11/2014