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BIO (GEO) 332: Advanced Oceanography.

5 hours (2, lecture; 3, lab or seminar; several day-long research exercises), 3.5 credits. Interaction between the geologic and biotic elements of the oceans and their basins. Emphasis is on correlating the broad spectrum of approaches in modern oceanography. CUNY oceanographic facilities will be used. Field experience. PREREQ (BIO major): BIO 166-167, either GEO 166 or 168, and either CHE 114 or 166-167. PREREQ (GEO major): Either GEO 166 or GEO 168, GEO 167, either BIO 166 or BIO 167, and either CHE 114 or CHE 166-167. NOTE: BIO (GEO) 332 is accepted toward fulfillment of either the BIO or the GEO major requirements.

Last modified: 7/30/2015