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Art, B.A., with a Specialization in Art History (30 Credit Major)

The required courses and credits are distributed as follows:

Credits (30)


Foundation requirement. Selected from ARH 135 (Intro/Asian), ARH 137 (Intro/Non-Western), ARH 139 (Intro/European), ARH 141 (Intro/Modern), and ARH 167 (Tradition and Innovation).


General requirement. Selected from ARH 100- and 300-level courses.


300-Level Art History requirement. Selected from ARH 300-level courses.


Advanced Work. Selected from one of the following three options: ARH 451 (Seminar), ARH 477 (Internship in Art History), or ARH 489 (Research in Art History).

Preparation for Teaching

This Major has been approved for students with an Education Minor seeking to apply for certification as an ECCE (Early Childhood and Childhood Education) teacher. To apply for certification as an ECCE teacher, all students must choose two of the following three courses in the Foundation Requirement: ARH 137, ARH 141, or ARH 167.

Preparation for Teaching Art

There is no certification for teaching art at the early childhood/elementary level. Students who wish to teach studio art must select the Art Teacher program offered by the Department of Middle and High School Education, which leads to certification from kindergarten through the twelfth grade. See the section on Program Requirements for Undergraduate Secondary Teacher Education of Middle and High School Education in this Bulletin.

Last modified: 7/30/2015