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Areas of Study Within Sociology

The General Area of Sociology

SOC 166: Fundamentals of Sociology

Substantive Areas in Sociology

SOC 222: The Women's Movement in the U.S.: Eighteenth Century to the Present

SOC 225: Women and Religion

SOC 226: Social Movements

SOC 227 (WST 237): Sociology of the Family

SOC 228: Women in Society

SOC 229: Sociology of Leisure

SOC 230: Criminology

SOC 231: Social Problems

SOC 233: Youth in Modern Society

SOC 234: Urban Sociology

SOC 235: Sociology of Education

SOC 236: Mind, Self, and Society

SOC 237: Ethnic Stratification

SOC 239: Sociology of Culture

SOC (NUR) 240: Death, Dying, and Bereavement

*SOC 241: Nature and Function of Social Groups

SOC 242 (HIS 342)(HCU 342): Anti-Semitism from Early Christianity to Hitler

SOC 243: The Aged in Modern Society

SOC 255: Selected Topics in Social Policy

SOC 302: Sociology of Health Care

SOC 303: Sociology of Work

SOC 304: Collective Behavior

SOC 307: Mass Communication and Public Opinion

SOC 308: Modern Organizations

SOC 309: Social Inequality

*SOC 310: Knowledge, Science, and Society

*SOC 314: Social Change and Social Planning

SOC (WST) 322: Sociology of Gender and Reproduction

SOC (POL)324: Sociology of Politics

SOC (POL)326: Political Socialization

SOC 327: Sociology of American Policymaking

SOC 332: Religion and Society

SOC 334: Urban Sociology in Global Perspective

SOC (PHI) (BLS) 338: Race and Ethnicity in Society

SOC 339: American Demography

SOC (PHI) (CLT)354: Philosophy of the Social Sciences

Comparative Studies in Sociology

SOC 245: Social Processes of Global Interdependencies

SOC 250: Racial and Ethnic Communities in the United States

SOC 252: Religious Groups

*SOC 317: Comparative Analysis of Modern Industrial Societies

SOC 319: Population Problems

Research Methods and Theory

SOC 246: Sociological Analysis

SOC 267: Social Statistics

SOC 301: Applied Statistics and Computer Analysis for Social Scientists

SOC 316: Foundations of Modern Sociological Theory

SOC 346: Methods of Social Research

SOC 347: Methods of Data Collection and Analysis

*SOC 351: Issues and Problems in Sociology Theory

Seminars, Tutorials, and the Internship In Sociology

SOC 251: Special Studies in Sociology

SOC 281: Tutorial in Sociology

*SOC 450: Seminar in Selected Problems of Sociology

SOC (POL) 470: Seminar and Internship Program in New York Government

SOC 481: Advanced Tutorial in Sociology

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