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African and African American Studies, B.A. (36 Credit Major)

The required courses and credits are distributed as follows:

Credits (36)


In required courses as follows: AAS 166 (3), AAS 232 or 248 (3), AAS 235 (3), AAS 241 or 242 or 267 (3), AAS 245 (3), AAS 330 or 342 (3), and AAS 390 or 470 (3)


In elective AAS courses at the 300 or 400 level

*NOTE: Students in the Early Childhood and Childhood teaching certification sequence may substitute the courses in the ECCE certification, ECE 480 and 483, which are student teaching and the accompanying seminar (6 credits) for AAS 470: Fieldwork in the African American Community.

Departmental Honors

Students who wish to qualify for Departmental honors are required to take AAS 481: Honors Project.

Satisfaction of the College Foreign Language Requirement

The College requirement in foreign language may be satisfied by earning 10 credits in either Swahili or Yoruba.

Teacher Certification

Students interested in obtaining New York State teacher certification should consult the Office of the Dean of Education (Carman Hall, Room B-33, 718-960-4972).

Women's Studies Options

See the description of this program contained later in this Bulletin.

Requirements for the Minor in African and African American Studies


Credits distributed as follows:


AAS 166


In elective AAS courses: 6 credits in AAS courses at the 200 level or above; and 6 credits in AAS courses at the 300 or 400 level.

Last modified: 7/30/2015