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African and African American Sequences

Foundation Course

AAS 166: Introduction to African and African American Studies

African Sequence

AAS 232: African Civilizations

AAS(WST)240: Women in African Society

AAS(HIS)248: African History

AAS(PHI)269: Introduction to African Philosophy

AAS 303: Globalization and Africa

AAS 304: Societies and Cultures of Africa

AAS(PHI)305: African Philosophical Thought

AAS 320: Ancient Egypt (KMT)

AAS 322: The City in Africa

AAS(HIW)323: History of Africa to 1800

AAS 326: Africa in Cinema

AAS(HIW)327: History of Africa 1800 to the Present

AAS(HIW)351: Topics in African History, Politics, and Society

AAS 451: Seminar in African History, Politics, and Society

AAS 475: Fieldwork in Africa

African American Sequence

AAS(WST)228: The African American Family

AAS(WST)239: Black Women in American Society

AAS(HIS)245: History of African Americans

AAS 268: The Economics of Poverty

AAS(HIU)311: Black Nationalism

AAS 312: African American Religious Movements in the United States

AAS 313: The African American Economy

AAS 317: African Americans and the Law

AAS 324: History of African American Education

AAS(HIU)330: The Civil Rights Movement

AAS(COM, MMJ) 332: African American Media

AAS(PHI)(SOC)338: Race and Ethnicity in Society

AAS(HIU)(WST)340: History of African American Women

AAS 341: Black Feminisms

AAS(POL)342: African Americans in the Political System

AAS(HIU)352: Topics in African American History and Culture

Caribbean Sequence

AAS(LAC)235: Caribbean Societies

AAS(LAC)335: The Caribbean in World Politics

AAS(HIW)353: Topics in Caribbean History, Politics, and Society

Community and Urban Sequence

AAS 225: The Contemporary Urban Community

AAS 226: Community Organization

AAS 316: Introduction to Community Development and Planning

AAS 470: Fieldwork in the African American Community

Literature and the Arts

AAS 212: African Art

AAS 213: African American Art

AAS(THE)238: African American Theatre

AAS(LAC)241: Literature of the English and Francophone Caribbean

AAS 242: African Literature

AAS 266: Contemporary Black Music

AAS 267: African American Literature

AAS(LAC)334: Music of the Caribbean

AAS 343: African American Women Writers

AAS(WST) 344: African Women Writers

AAS 345: African American Poetry

AAS 346: African American Autobiography

AAS 348: Literature of Africa and the African Diaspora

AAS(HIU)349: The Harlem Renaissance


AAS 339: African Languages

Swahili Language and Literature

SWA 101: Elementary Swahili I

SWA 102: Elementary Swahili II

SWA 201: Intermediate Swahili I

*SWA 202: Intermediate Swahili II

*SWA 345: Swahili Literature I

*SWA 346: Swahili Literature II

Yoruba Language and Literature

YOR 101: Elementary Yoruba I

YOR 102: Elementary Yoruba II

*YOR 201: Intermediate Yoruba

*YOR 345: Yoruba Oral Literature

*YOR 346: Modern Yoruba Literature

Last modified: 7/30/2015