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Academic Standards

Students are expected to achieve and maintain a minimum GPA requirement during their enrollment at Lehman College. In order to remain in good academic standing, students must attain a minimum GPA of 1.5 for the first 12 attempted credits, 1.75 for the first 24 attempted credits, and a 2.0 cumulative index thereafter.

Total number of credits attempted include Lehman College Fs, FINs, Ws, WFs, WUs, Ps, NCs, Rs, or their equivalents, and all transfer credits.

Total Credits Attempted

Minimum Lehman College Cumulative Indices







Students who fail to meet the required cumulative index are automatically placed on probation warning until the end of the following spring semester. During this warning period, students maintain their academic standing with the College. Students who still do not meet the minimum requirements following the probationary warning period will be dismissed from the College. Students may appeal their dismissal to the Committee on Admission and Standing for consideration of readmission.

Dismissed students whose appeals are granted will be placed on either part-time probation (fewer than 12 credits) or full-time probation (maximum of 16 credits) for the following academic year. The designation of part-time or full-time probation, as well as the determination of allowable credit load therein, will be at the discretion of the Committee on Admission and Standing.

Students on probation are expected to regain good academic standing by the end of the academic year. Students who achieve a semester index of at least 2.3 for each semester of probation but who still do not meet the minimum retention standard by the end of the year will be permitted to extend their probationary period for the following academic year.

Students who do not meet either of the conditions stated above will be dismissed once again from the College and may choose to submit another appeal.

Last modified: 7/30/2015