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Major: Dietetics, Food & Nutrition

Year: Senior

Interests: Tennis



Hello everyone! My name is Patricia Cadet. I love learning about holistic methods which can improve one's overall health. I am an active member of the Lehman College Tennis Team, the Truth Club, Lehman's Edible Garden Club and Genesis (Lehman's Gospel Choir). Lehman has a lot to offer, but it will make no difference if one does not explore and apply their skills.




Major: Psychology

Year: Junior

Interests: Science, Culture, Chess (Lehman Knights)



Hello everyone! I'm a student of psychology and a Transfer Coach at Lehman College. I'm passionate about science and learning about new cultures. Most importantly, it brings me pleasure to help and work with other people, especially if I can somehow make the slightest difference. My experience at Lehman has helped me find myself as a student; as a Transfer Coach my goal is to make your Lehman experience a smooth & memorable transition.



Year: Senior

Interests: Music



Hi all! I'm Rebecca, and I look forward to working with you, my fellow transfer students. As a transfer student myself, I want to ensure that your experience at Lehman is both fun, and memorable. Good luck at Lehman!



Major: Social Work

Year: Graduated May 2013

Interests: Watching movies, spending time with family & friends, bowling & ice skating



Hello transfer students, and welcome to Lehman College!! My name is Syeda Hussain. I am a graduate class of 2013 from Lehman, with a Bachelor's in Social Work. I enjoy socializing with people, learning new things and I am bilingual (English & Bengali) as well. I love sharing my ideas and knowledge with others. I am excited to be part of the Transfer Coaching Program. I am looking forward to working with transfer students.



Major: Exercise Science

Year: Junior

Interest: Fitness and Sports (Soccer in particular)


Hello everyone!. My name is Diego, U.S. NAVY Veteran and Certified Personal Trainer. I like motivating people and promoting healthy lifestyles. It is great to be part of the Transfer Coach Team; we are former and current Lehman students, eager to help you find your way around school. I really enjoy helping out, so please don't hesitate to stop me when you see me around. Good luck!


Major: Computer Information System

Year: Senior

Interests: Japan, Technology, Video Games


Hello everyone! I am a Transfer Coach, and a senior studying Computer Information Systems at Lehman College. I love technology, and I am here to help you succeed with your futures. I'm really looking forward to making your experience here as great as possible. I wish you the best!



Major: Accounting

Year: Senior

Interest: Business, Sports, Music


Hello everyone! My name is Lester Noble and I am a transfer student just like you. As a Transfer Coach, I am here to help with your transition to Lehman College. Welcome to Lehman and good luck!


Major: Film

Year: Senior

Interest: Film, Philosophy, Yoga


Hi everyone! My name is Claribel, I am a Cinephile, I love going to film festivals all over the city, I have found a new love in yoga, and hope to hike the 3 major U.S. trails when I graduate, becoming a “Triple Crowner.” I am a Transfer Coach, also working at the Study Abroad office here at Lehman where I’ve worked with Lehman students who want to study abroad and international students from all over the globe. I’m excited to help you create a home here at Lehman College and excel in your future. Can’t wait to meet you!




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