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TRiO Pathways to Success

Pathways Members

Full Name: Nuray Yılmaz

Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey

Year: Senior

Major: Anthropology

What 3 words describe you best? Inquisitive, Ambitious and Determined.

What makes you proud: Since I will be the first female to graduate from a 4-year university in my immediate family, becoming a senior is a step closer to that dream. I am really proud of wrapping up the first semester of my junior year with a 3.56 Term GPA and hoping to do the same for the second semester and finally moving on to becoming a senior.

What encourages you to seek your dreams and accomplish your goals? My family immigrated to United States in hopes of a better education for my siblings and me, which will ultimately lead to a better future for all of us. Not forgetting these reasons is what encourages me to dream and accomplish my goals.

What makes you happy? Being around my family and friends, who support me and have a positive influence in my life makes me happy.

Why did you join Pathways to Success? Pathways to Success is a program where students are provided with moral and financial support. The program also gives us the option to broaden their circle of friends and world views. Not taking part in this opportunity would have been foolish since all that was asked of me in return was that I try my best.