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Full Name: Anna Victoria Rondon

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Year: I transferred from Borough of Manhattan Community College, where I graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in fall 2009. My present status at Lehman College is an upper junior. 

Major: I’m currently constructing my own degree through a generous program called the CUNY Baccalaureate Program. The CUNY Baccalaureate Program allows me to be versatile in my creativity and thinking. It gives me the flexibility to create my own degree that is tailored towards my interests and life pursuits. I’m currently a double major in Human Rights Advocacy and Communications and Arts.

What makes you proud?  I’m definitely proud of having my older brother, Junior, in my life. Although he and I argue and fight, I can honestly say that I’m extremely happy to have him in my life; without him, all of this wouldn’t be possible. The reason is that when I was younger, I suffered from a movement disorder called Dystonia. This disorder hindered my ability to walk and maintain physical stability. It affected my neck, left arm, torso and legs. I would incessantly tremble throughout the entire day and the only way that it would stop was when I fell asleep. Simple things such as writing or tying my shoe laces were constant challenges. After I graduated from high school, Junior took it upon himself to take me to doctors to find out what it was that I had. In November 2005, I was finally diagnosed with Dystonia and began treatment in March 2006. I have not succumbed to the illness of Dystonia. It’s been five years that I can walk, be active and independent.

Advice to my fellow PTS colleagues: Always know that all can be in your favor if you choose to believe that you are worth the fight. I’m not going to sit here and say that college is easy; in truth, the reality is that most times it is not. Then again, sometimes it is what you make of it. When you wake up at 5:30am and travel Monday through Thursday from Staten Island to the Bronx to make it to your 11am class, know that with every train ride, you’re one step closer to your future dreams and goals. Since you’ve already made a decision to enter college, continue making the necessary choices that will ultimately advance your intellect, social awareness and political consciousness. Lastly, don’t feel bothered because you couldn’t go to the party last weekend with your friends; there’ll be plenty of parties to attend to during summer!!!!

Why did I join PTS?  I joined PTS because I thought that it would be a great program to become affiliated with. The program offers extra needed attention that can assist students with graduating on time, paying for summer time courses, establishing networks amongst students and faculty of the PTS program, loaning laptops for students within the program and lastly taking trips to historical landmarks, museums and shows. I think a program like this would eventually enrich the college experience for any CUNY student.