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TRiO Pathways to Success

Pathways Members

Full Name: Dontae King

Hometown: Harlem, NYC

Year: Junior

Major: Business Administration & Spanish

What 3 words describe you best? I’m very hard working, funny and very determined.

What makes you proud? I’m most proud of the change that has taken place within me. If you would have met me when I was back in high school, I was a horrible mess. Crazy, loud and mean would have been three words to describe me back then. But I’m glad I was able to learn and grow into a more mature young lady. What I’ve experienced in high school has helped to shape me into the determined young lady I am today. I’ve learned that there’s always room for improvement; it’s up to me to take the risk.

What encourages you to seek your dreams and accomplish your goals? It may seem weird but my shopping habits keep me motivated to do better. I know I like expensive things and the only way for me to obtain those things is to work hard. No one will support my habit but me.

What makes you happy? SHOPPING!!!!! I’m so serious; shopping can brighten my day up. I can be experiencing a terrible day, and if I go on a little shopping mission I will forget about whatever was wrong. It doesn’t matter what kind of shopping it is. It could be in store shopping, online shopping or even window shopping; all those activities make me happy.

Why did you join Pathways to Success? I joined the Pathway for Success program because they offer their students different opportunities to learn and grow. They offer different seminars to relate to being successful in life after college. They even offered a stress seminar. One program that I value the most is the summer and winter session. They give students the opportunity to continue learning during the breaks. Every student in PTS should take advantage of all the opportunities offered.