International Student Services

Keeping Your Stay in the US Legal

  • Have a valid passport. If expired, contact your home country consul in New York or Washington D.C.
  • Have a Lehman College SEVIS I-20 that reflects current information.
  • Register for a full-time course of study each semester.
    • Graduate: 9 credits
    • Undergraduate: 12 credits
  • Complete your degree program by the date stated on your I-20. If you are unable to complete your degree by that date, see the International Student Services Coordinator.
  • If you change majors or program levels, you must get a new I-20.
  • If you have attended another school (in the U.S.) before transferring to Lehman College, you will need to complete the USCIS transfer process by getting a new SEVIS I-20 from Lehman College.
  • On-campus employment must be authorized by the International Student Services Coordinator.
  • Off-campus employment is NOT allowed unless recommended by the International Student Services Coordinator and authorized by Immigration.
  • If you travel outside the U.S., have your I-20 signed by the International Student Services Coordinator for reentry.
  • A change of address must be done through the International Student Service's Office. Changing your address with the Registrar’s Office will not satisfy Immigration requirements.

The International Student Services Coordinator at Lehman College is located in Shuster Hall, Room 210.

Last modified: Jan 31, 2012

  • Division of Student Affairs
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