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Extension of Stay

A student who needs to stay at Lehman College beyond the date stated on their I-20 (see date in section #5) MUST apply for an Extension of Stay BEFORE the expiration date on the I-20. It is suggested that you apply for an Extension of Stay at least 30 days before the expiration date on your current I-20. If you wait until after the I-20 expires, you will be required to file for Reinstatement.

An application for an Extension of Stay is needed when:
  • Changing majors (if additional time is required to complete new major)
  • Continuing for a second degree (Bachelors, Masters, etc.)
  • Additional time is needed to complete degree requirements
  • Returning to school after completion of full-time Practical Training. A new I-20 must be issued before expiration date on Employment Card.

Application Process

Obtain a written statement from your Academic Adviser or Department Chair stating the reasons why you are unable to complete the program of study on time. The Academic Adviser or Dept. Chair must specify in writing an expected completion date.

Submit a new Affidavit of Financial Support covering the period of time required to complete degree.

Bring the following documents to The International Student Services Coordinator at Lehman College:

  • Statement from Dept. Chair or Adviser
  • Financial documentation.

A new I-20 will be issued for an Extension after the above documents are reviewed and have met all the Immigration requirements.

Last modified: Jan 31, 2012

  • Division of Student Affairs
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