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Careers In Teaching

Your Academic Life

We understand that there’s much more to your life than just being a college student, however, it’s an undefeated truth that being able to stay on top of your academic requirements is the key to your ultimate goal: graduation. Careers In Teaching is here to help you stay focused, stay balanced, and make the most of your time here at Lehman College.

Handling the Workload

Lecture. Discussion. Reading. Homework. Lab time. Lab reports. Papers. Research. Midterms. Group work. Finals. And repeat! What’s a busy college student to do? Well, we have workshops geared toward combating stress, ending testing anxiety, increasing your self-confidence, and balancing school/life/work. We’ve also got tips for working on group assignments, how to ask for extensions, and much more. Refer to our events calendar on the right hand side of the site for dates and times of upcoming events and activities.

Choosing Your Academic Path

From selecting classes to selecting a major, the array of academic options available to you may be extremely overwhelming. We can help you figure out how to narrow down your choices and create an academic experience that's exactly suited to your career goals.

Overcoming Challenges Along the Way

While balancing the usual college requirements can be hard enough, life sometimes gets in the way. And while things can sometimes seem completely overwhelming, there is almost always a way to figure out how to stay on track academically despite your circumstances. What to do if you’re failing a class? What to do if you’ve failed a class? How to petition for a grade change? How to avoid plagiarism? Should you add or drop a class? How can you best handle unexpected illness or personal situations? These are all issues that may lead to serious consequences, if not handled correctly. Come in and talk to us.