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Community Service-Learning

Community Service-Learning promotes positive social change by providing reflective experiential opportunities with diverse community partners. Community Service-Learning is a method of teaching where students learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized community service. Faculty members work with community-based organizations to create a service experience that relates to the course of study. There are three major components to Community Service-Learning:

Education Service Reflection
This form of learning
emphasizes critical thinking and a heightened sense of awareness of community and societal issues allowing for practical application of knowledge through service.

Students engage in
community-based learning
activities that meet an
identified community need, usually designed in close
partnership with a
community organization.
Students have structured
opportunities to reflect on their experience and how the service connects to course content, personal
values and civic

Source: Corporation for National and Community Service

Faculty and Community Partners Collaborations

We work with a number of organizations and grassroots leaders to support the mission of their programs. Academic and community partners interested in learning more about
community service-learning can contact Amanda Dubois by emailing