Winter Session

Registration Guidelines

Registration Guidelines

  • Registration for all students will begin on Monday, November 7th.
  • Students may register for their Winter Session courses online via CUNYfirst. Students may also use ePermit to apply for permission to take courses at other CUNY colleges.
  • Winter Session coursework will appear as part of a student's Spring semester transcript (Winter Session is part of the Spring semester).
  • Students will be limited to registering for six credits during the Winter Session.
  • Students who have applied and have been admitted for the Spring 2017 semester may enroll in Winter classes.
  • All students must pay for any Winter Session course or permit course by the posted deadline date. Failure to pay for Winter Session courses may result in your courses being cancelled.  Please review the Winter calendar on the Registrar's website for important dates related to withdrawals, refunds, etc..
  • Credits taken in Winter will not be counted toward Spring enrollment eligibility for financial aid, including TAP.
  • Winter session and Spring semester credits will be combined for the purpose of determining full-time status for health insurance benefits only. This does not apply to international students.
  • If a student is attending Lehman on an international student visa, Winter Session credits cannot be counted to achieve full-time status in the Spring.
  • TAP, SEOG, loans, etc. cannot be used for payment of Winter Session tuition, fees and books. If for any reason such funds are applied incorrectly to a student's Winter Session bill, he/she will be responsible for all liabilities incurred.
  • The deadline for completion of an INC in a Winter Session permit course is the same as the deadline for INC grades earned in the immediately proceding Spring semester.

Guidelines for Winter Session E-Permits

  • Once a Lehman student receives permission through ePermit to register at the host college, they are subject to the host college's registration guidelines, restrictions, scheduled deadlines and course availability.
  • Students must drop a Winter Session permit course at Lehman College by the last date for a 100% refund. The date is posted on the Registrar’s website. Students with a registered permit course will be liable for all tuition costs and fees after the start of classes.
  • Students must also drop the course at the host college.


Last modified: Dec 2, 2016

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