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Student Housing Options

While dorm space at Lehman College is very limited, there are a number of housing options to consider when choosing to study in New York City. The following information is provided to help you find housing while you study at Lehman College. This information may be useful to both fulltime students and visiting Summer and Winter Session students.

The housing options listed are provided only as possible housing resources. Lehman College does not endorse or recommend any particular housing choice.

New York City Student Housing

The following locations offer various housing options for interns and students in New York City in dormitories and other shared living arrangements.

  • Columbia University - Summer housing for students and interns
  • de Hirsch Residence - Offers dorm-style singles and doubles for students, interns and groups. Fall, Spring & Summer terms available.
  • Educational Housing Services - Offers a variety of housing options for students and interns. Fall, Spring & Summer terms available.
  • International House - Dormitory, studio, and apartment housing for students, interns, and scholars.  Fall, Spring & Summer terms available.
  • NYC Intern - Apartment housing in prime Manhattan location. Fall, Spring & Summer terms available.
  • NYU Summer Housing Information - NYU housing options are open to non-NYU students during the summer
  • Polytechnic University - Offers summer housing options to interns and students.
  • University Place - Furnished apartments in Brooklyn, minutes from downtown Manhattan. Fall, Spring & Summer terms available.

Housing Information Sources for New York City

Use the following sources to access a variety of housing listings for the New York City area. Please evaluate your housing options carefully as not all may be suitable for student living.

Inclusion in this section is not an endorsement or recommendation by any department at Lehman College. 

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