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SYI offers a wide array of workshops and events relevant to academic preparation and skills development as well as major and career exploration.  A list of Spring 2014 events can be found below. A list of workshops offered previously can be found under "Past Workshops and Events".

Spring 2014

Pre-Major Club Welcome Event

Wednesday, 2/26, 3:30-5pm.  Location: Student Life Building, Room 101. SYI and the Office of Student Life have teamed up to create 4 new Pre-Major Clubs at Lehman including Pre-Nursing, Pre-Law, Pre-Psychology, and Pre-Business.  The mission of Pre-Major Clubs is to provide students with the necessary tools to explore, research, and prepare for a career in the desired field.  The club also provides students with the opportunity to build connections with faculty, likeminded students, alumni, and industry professionals.  Interested in joining?  Attend the Pre-Major Club Welcome Event!  During the welcome event, all Pre-Major Club members will be greeted by Student Life and the Sophomore Year Initiative (SYI) staff.  Students will then re-locate to a classroom to meet with their Faculty Advisor to learn more about the club and their Advisor’s work in the field.  Food and refreshments will be served!  

Major and Career Info Sessions

March & April 2014. To obtain exact dates/locations, please contact: TitleV.acad@lehman.cuny.edu . Major and Career Workshops will bring together Faculty Chairs, Faculty Advisors, Professional Advisors, and Career Counselors to provide students with more information on the various fields.  Students will learn more about prerequisites, program requirements, and ways to prepare for study in the field.  Info sessions will occur in March and April of 2014 and will include Pre-Law, Pre-Nursing, Business, Psychology, Speech language Hearing Sciences, Biological Sciences, and more! 

Managing Expectations: The Role of Culture and Family

Tuesday, 2/18 and Tuesday, 2/25, 5-6pm, Counseling Center, Old Gym Building, Room 118. Presenter: Lucinda Bratini, Counselor. Do the expectations of family and friends have you stressing out? Do you find it is difficult to focus on your studies? Attend this interactive workshop and learn how to manage stress and family expectations in order to succeed in college and beyond.

Who do you think you are? Who do you want to be?

Wednesday, 2/19 , 3:30-5pm, Shuster Hall 231, Career Services. Presenter: Nicole McFarlane, Career Advisor. Are you undecided about your choice of major? Uncertain about your career goals? Come to this interactive workshop! You will begin the journey of knowing who you are and who you want to be. Know your purpose! Know your passion!

Got Skills?

Monday, 3/24, 3:30-5pm, Shuster Hall 231, Career Services. Presenter: Nicole, McFarlane, Career Advisor. Do you know the skills that will lead to academic and career success? Come to this workshop and you will have the opportunity to interact and engage in activities that will help you develop these skills and apply them during your college experience.

Sophomore End of Year Celebration

Monday, 5/5, 1-2pm, Location: TBD. Join the Sophomore Year Initiative Staff and fellow classmates in celebrating all of your accomplishments this past year! Lunch will be provided.



















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