Title V Sophomore Year Initiative (SYI)


Personal Counseling

Counseling services has also partnered with the SYI program to provide services to students who may experience stress as a result of the pressures associated with the transition to sophomore year and/or stress experienced outside of school.

Who should I meet with at the Counseling Center?

Students may meet with any one of the Counselors at the Counseling Center; however, Genoveva Garcia, a bi-lingual Part-Time Counselor, works specifically with freshmen and sophomore students in the SYI program.

How may I contact her?

Genoveva Garcia’s office is located at the Counseling Center, Old Gym Building, Room 114. Her e-mail is genoveva.garcia@lehman.cuny.edu and her phone number is 718-960-8761.

How do I find more information about Counseling Services?

The Counseling Center at Lehman College is a safe place for students to talk about any concerns they may have. Services are free and confidential and provided in a safe environment where students can address issues that may be keeping them from attaining their academic goals. All students are treated with respect and are seen as individuals with unique strengths.


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