Title V Sophomore Year Initiative (SYI)


Contact Us

  • Monique Ngozi, SYI Director
    Contact Monique via e-mail at monique.nri@lehman.cuny.edu (ext. 5114) or in-person at Nursing Building, T-3, Room 115A.


  • Jamie Camino, SYI and STEM Data Analyst
    Contact Jamie via e-mail at jamie.camino@lehman.cuny.edu (ext. 7181) or in-person at Nursing Building, T-3, Room 115B.



  • Wilma Rosario, SYI Administrative Assistant
    Contact Wilma via e-mail: wilma.rosario@lehman.cuny.edu (ext. 7182) or in-person at Nursing Building, T-3, Room 115.





  • Mikhail Kaler, SYI Academic Advisor

          Contact Mikhail via e-mail at mikhail.kaler@lehman.cuny.edu (ext. 8430)



  • Angela Ho, SYI Career Advisor
    Freshmen and Sophomores with undeclared majors may contact Angela via e-mail at Angela.Ho1@lehman.cuny.edu (ext. 7459) or in-person at Shuster Hall, Room 254.


  • Myrna Noble-Headad, Part-Time SYI Counselor
    Freshmen and Sophomores who may benefit from Counseling services may contact Myrna via email at Myrna.Noble-Headad@lehman.cuny.edu (ext. 8761) or in-person at the Old Gym Building, Room 114





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T-3, Nursing Building, Room 115

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM