Let’s Take a Tour


Students plan a tour of landmarks and points of interest in the Bronx.

Questions to Consider

What is a landmark or point of interest? Why are they important to a community?

Questions to Explore: 

How can a tour be planned to include sites such as: Poe Cottage, the Hall of Fame for Great Americans, the Bronx Zoo (including the Children’s Zoo), the Botanical Garden, Van Cortlandt Mansion, Montefiore Hospital, the Morris Vault at St. Ann’s Church, and High Bridge? (See photos.)


Begin the tour at Lehman College. On what streets will the bus travel?  At what locations should the bus stop?  What is the importance of each site? Write a description of what you are passing by and stopping at during the tour. Create a brochure with a map. Write advertisements for the media about the tour you create.


Bronx street and bus maps

Suggested Books & Web Sites

Landmarks of the Bronx; AIA Guide to New York City

The Bronx Borough President’s Office; The Bronx County Historical Society; The New York Botanical Garden; Place Matters; Streets of the Bronx; NYC Landmarks Pres. Comm.

Sample Subjects:

Landmarks; Monuments; Colleges & Universities; Buildings; Parks; Bridges; Transportation