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PSC-CUNY Research Awards

The Board of Trustees of The City University of New York, the members of the Professional Staff Congress, and City and State Budget officials have recognized the importance of en­couraging the scholarly and creative activities of the University's faculty, the junior members of its faculty in particular. In order to enhance the University's role as a research institution, to further the professional growth and development of its faculty, and to provide support for both the established and the younger scholar, the Professional Staff Congress City University of New York (PSC-CUNY) Research Award Program has been established as a major vehicle for the University's encouragement and support of faculty research.

To implement this Program, the University Committee on Research Awards (UCRA) nominated by the University Faculty Senate and appointed by the Chancellor; is given responsibility for the development of application and award procedures. Assisted by staff at the Research Foundation, the UCRA establishes policy, develops program guide­lines, and makes awards. Faculty appointed to the Committee are highly qualified in their disciplines and demonstrate their commit­ment to achieving excellence in research for the University by serving on the UCRA in addition to carrying a full teaching load.

Funds for research and creative projects are available without restriction to all permanent full-time members of the instructional staff, and the junior members of the faculty in particular, who are on the regular University payroll processed through the Office of the Comptroller of the City or State of New York.

Deadline: October 15, Annually

For a full program description and application instructions, please see the PSC-CUNY Research Awards ( website

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Fellowship Leave Awards

Eligibility for the Fellowship Leave Awards is limited to tenured members of the permanent instructional staff and lecturers (full-time) with certificates of continuous employment, who have completed six years of continuous paid full-time service with the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York exclusive of non-sabbatical or fellowship leave. The award is for purposes of research, including study and related travel, improvement of teaching, and creative work in literature or the arts.

Deadline: Usually the beginning of April (for Spring Award)


Curriculum Vitae Form:

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CUNY Faculty Development Grants

Proposals are accepted for seminars or colloquia that encourage and promote innovation in teaching, research and learning among CUNY faculty. Past programs have focused on employing new digital technology to enhance classroom instruction; pedagogical innovation; interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and research; collaborations between and among CUNY faculty. Colloquia are one-day or several day events, seminars are one- or two-semester long courses to address an issue in depth. Conferences may also be proposed. Full-time CUNY faculty are eligible. Grants are up to $10,000 for full academic year. Proposals are accepted twice a year in April and October. For information or application materials, go to Program Home Page

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CUNY Bridge Fund Program

The CUNY Bridge Fund Program will support faculty who run externally funded research programs and who run into a funding crisis due to a competitive renewal of their grant not being funded. Faculty may apply for bridge funds under specific circumstances as outlined in the attached guidelines. Note: six previous years of funding are prerequisite for eligibility. Lehman College will forward fund the required match for up to $15,000 (see above). The CUNY program has a 50% payback provision within 6 months of the faculty member receiving external funding. Lehman will provide $3,750 or one half the payback and the faculty member must agree to provide $3,750 via a reduction in anticipated recovery returns.

Program Homepage

Deadline: Usually in May



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CUNY Equipment Grant Competition

This program supports the purchase of an item of laboratory equipment that will strengthen the research programs of 2 or more collaborating faculty. Cost–sharing of at least 50% is required. Maximum request is $40,000; maximum equipment cost is $80,000. Funds must be spent within one year of the award. Only full–time faculty are eligible to apply. Faculty who received an equipment grant in the prior round are ineligible to the current round. For information and application materials click here.

This program is particularly appropriate for new faculty who can use their start-up funds as the required match. Deadline for receipt by CUNY Central Office for round 4 was November 17, 2006.

Note: The deadline for has passed. Please check here for updated information about the program.

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CUNY Diversity Projects Development Fund

PURPOSE OF THE FUND: The Diversity Projects Development Fund was established by Office of the Vice Chancellor for Faculty and Staff Relations to support scholarly research projects and other educational activities for or about populations that are traditionally under-represented within higher education. More specifically, the purpose of the Fund is to assist in the development of educational projects, scholarly research, creative endeavors, and professional activities, which promote diversity, multiculturalism, and non-discrimination.

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CUNY Collaborative Research Incentive Grants (CIRG)

The Collaborative Incentive Research Grants Program seeks to raise the prominence of the University to a national and international audience by funding multi-campus or interdisciplinary collaborations. The program is administered by a review committee chaired by the Vice Chancellor for Research and senior faculty at the colleges. Since its inception in 1994, the University has encourages faculty to address problems that will lead to new and future areas of multi-campus or interdisciplinary research strengths. The primary goal is to seed research that will become the basis of new external grant proposals.

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Scholar Incentive Awards

The Office of the Provost invites applications for 2008- 09 Scholar Incentive Awards. Awards are made for one semester or one year and cannot be held concurrently with a Fellowship Leave. The purpose of the Award is to facilitate scholarly research by members of the faculty who are on leaves of absence supported by funds other than University funds during the period that this research is conducted. Other projects or proposals (e.g., the meeting of degree requirements, study, service outside of the University) or reasons (e.g., professional, career, or personal) are not considered for these awards. The amount of the Award may be up to 25% of annual salary, and the effect of the award is to place its recipient on leave of absence without pay for at least the 75% of annual salary for which the recipient does not receive University compensation. The common use of the award is to mediate the difference between a research grant or fellowship and annual salary. Accordingly, persons planning leaves and holding outside research grants providing less than full salary are candidates for Scholar Incentive Awards. (In the absence of such outside grant or fellowship support, the faculty member would need to be able and willing to provide self-support for the remaining 75% or more of salary, and the research proposed by the faculty member would also have to be evaluated and endorsed, in letters solicited by the College, by two "outside experts").

Eligibility is limited to full-time members of the Instructional Staff in the titles of Distinguished Professor, Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, or Lecturer (full-time), who have completed one full year or more of continuous paid full-time service before becoming eligible for the Award (or who have completed six years of creditable service with The City University since completion of the last Scholar Incentive Award).

Please note that prior to completing a Scholar Incentive Leave Application all applicants must obtain written confirmation of eligibility from Ms. Myrna Castagnetto in the Office of Human Resources, Shuster Hall, Room 230. Application forms and further details of the 2007- 08 awards are available below.

The application must include a detailed plan for the research to be conducted during the period of the Award. It should also demonstrate a direct relationship between the proposed research or creative work and the applicant's preparation and achievements, and it should be accompanied by a complete standardized curriculum vitae. Completed applications for the Scholar Incentive Awards as well as the written confirmation of eligibility must be returned by the department chair to the Office of the Provost no later than December 4, 2007. Recipients of the Awards will be notified later in the Spring.

Note: The deadline for 2009 has passed. Please check here in the fall of 2010 for updated information about the program.


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CUNY Travel Grants to Visit Funding Agencies

Requests for a grant to visit a funding agency, or to discuss a prospective grant application, contact Stephanie Endy. Faculty must lay out the money and then request reimbursement on a Research Foundation Travel Expense Voucher/Request for Payment.

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NNYN/CUNY-Peer Grants

The Nurture New York's Nature/CUNY Program for Ecological/Environmental Research (PEER) in New York Award competition is open to research projects in the disciplines that constitute the traditional academic divisions of the physical sciences, biological sciences, mathematical sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. Investigators may wish to focus on a problem within a single discipline or collaborate with the intention of making a cross-disciplinary examination. The problem studied is to be defined in such a way that its potential of being subsequently supported by outside agencies is apparent. To lay the groundwork for future grant submissions, the applicant must contact a program officer at a federal or state agency or foundation to discuss with that individual whether their proposed research would fit within the guidelines of their program. Proposals may be submitted from one faculty member, however, collaborations between two or more faculty from within or between any of the CUNY campuses are encouraged.

Deadline: May

Program Homepage

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Feliks Gross Endowment Award

The Feliks Gross Endowment Award is presented each year to an assistant professor in recognition of outstanding research, or potential for such, in the humanities or sciences, including social and life sciences. Any faculty member who is an assistant professor at any unit of CUNY and whose field of expertise covers an area of the humanities or sciences is eligible to be considered for this award. The recipient receives an honorarium and a plaque. Please email questions to

Deadline: March 31

Program Homepage

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Faculty Development in Research

  1. A workshop series for junior faculty, open to all tenure-track but untenured faculty (men and women) in the natural and social sciences, mathematics and engineering.
  2. A grant writing assistance program for women faculty in the natural and social sciences, mathematics and engineering who intend to write a grant application to a federal funding agency during Fall, 2008.
You can read more details about the programs and the application process at:

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Lehman College Opportunities

Lehman Bridge Grants

Lehman College Bridge grants are designed to meet the short-term and absolutely essential needs of researchers who have an established record of external funding. The college will make up to 3 bridge grants a year. The maximum amount of an individual bridge grant is $15,000. (The award amount may not exceed one third of the indirect cost generated by the applicant during the previous three years.) Only faculty with a strong record of external funding and a proposal approved for funding or a proposal submitted which has a reasonable chance of getting funded are eligible. No individual or research group may receive more than 2 such grants within 5 consecutive academic years. (There must be at 12 months between the termination of the first Bridge Grant and the start of the second.) Bridge grants will be awarded based upon a formal application to the Research and Scholarship Committee. Bridge grants awarded in a single year will not total more than 20% of the entire sum awarded for research support in that year.

Deadline: TBA Usually in May


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Lehman Faculty Development Program


The purpose of this program is to foster research by tenured and tenured-track faculty by providing released time from teaching. This program provides 3 hours of released time for faculty to pursue a piece of research/scholarship. Funds are available to fund approximately 10-15 proposals per academic year.

Terms and Conditions:

All research must be conducted in compliance with applicable Federal, State, CUNY and Lehman College regulations and policies with respect to human participants, animal subjects and bio hazardous materials. Recipients are encouraged to submit an application for external funding within one year after the end of the award.


All tenured and tenure-track faculty appointed prior to September 1, 2003 as well as all faculty who were appointed with tenure more recently are encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to tenured and tenure-track faculty who do not have released time from any other sources. Faculty who previously received an award must submit a progress or final report for the previously supported work. Please note that proposals creating an overload or multiple will not be funded.

How to Apply:

The complete proposal should include:

  1. Cover page
  2. Project Description, including:
    1. Specific Aims/Objectives of the Project;
    2. Background and Significance, including history of work on this project to date;
    3. Research Methods/Proposed Activities, including timeline;
    4. Grant Application/Publication/Creative Works Plan;
      1. This section should provide details as to agencies/foundations and programs to which you plan to apply for further funding, and/or
      2. Journals, books, or conferences to which you will submit your work for publication or presentation. Provide the names of the journals, books, or conferences, and/or
      3. Creative works that will result from the project.
    The Project Description (items 2a-d) should not exceed 5 pages. Font size should be Arial 11 point and the margins should be at least 1 inch. The Project Description should be single-spaced.
  3. Biographical Sketch (from SF424 (R&R):
    1. Positions and Honors
    2. Selected Peer Reviewed Publications
    3. Research Support See the attached Biographical Sketch Form. The Biographical Sketch should not exceed 4 pages. Please use an Arial Font size no smaller than 11 point. The margins should be at least 1 inch on all sides.
  4. No Appendices (except for CDs, or scores for creative arts proposals).
Proposals should be submitted electronically to In addition, a paper copy of the face page, signed by the applicant, Department Chair and Divisional Dean should be submitted to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Shuster Hall, Room 303.


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George N. Shuster Fellowship

The George N. Shuster Fellowship Fund makes available modest grants to support scholarly work in progress, particularly work nearing completion by full-time members of the Instructional Staff. These grants may not be used for research connected with the completion of advanced degrees. The work should be scholarly, not commercial, and evidence of progress should be available.

Deadline: March 30, 2010


Sample Bio Sketch:

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PSC-CUNY Union Opportunities

William Stewart Travel Awards

The William Stewart Travel Award is offered by the CUNY Academy of the Humanities and Sciences. Assistant Professors on tenure track appointments may apply for a maximum award of $500 to present or participate in a professional conference.

To apply, send:

  • Curriculum Vita
  • A description of the nature of the conference participation
  • A letter of support from a senior professor


Stewart Awards Committee
CUNY Academy for the Humanities and Sciences
Room 3301
Graduate School and University Center
365 Fifth Avenue
New York, N. Y. 10016.

Deadline: March 1 annually

Program Homepage

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