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New RF Fringe Benefit Rates

Posted 02/04/2005


From: Edward Kalaydjian

As you know, the Research Foundation is required to monitor Fringe Benefit rates closely so that the rates are in line with the actual costs and so that any necessary changes are both small and timely. With medical inflation rates currently running at about 15% per year, the RF needs to its employee fringe benefit rates. Therefore, effective 7/1/2005, the RF will be forced to increase its FB rates for Full–time and Part–time A employees by one percentage point to 34.5%. The FB–rate for Part–time B employees will rise from 9% to 10% as of the same date. Unfortunately, we expect that medical costs will continue to rise by at least the current rate for the foreseeable future. The RF Board of Directors, therefore, has resolved to increase the FB–rate for Full– and Part–time A employees again on 1/1/2006 by an additional half a percent to 35%. Please consider these inflation rates when planning future grants activities. Of course, just as in the past, if health care market conditions improve, the RF will revise its rates downwards and pass the savings on to you.

Pool Definition of Pool Category Rate
Full/Time Full/Time Employees scheduled to work 35 or more hours per week and paid on an annual basis 34.5%, Effective 7/1/05
35.0%, Effective 1/1/06
Part/Time A Part/Time employees scheduled to work between 20 and 34 hours per week, and paid on an hourly basis 34.5%, Effective 7/1/05
35.0%, Effective 1/1/06
Part/Time B Part/Time employees scheduled to work no more than 19.5 hours per week, and paid on an hourly basis 10%, Effective 7/1/05
Released Time Faculty CUNY Faculty released to work on a grant or contract 28%, Unchanged
CUNY Sabbatical or Summer Salary CUNY Faculty who are receiving Summer Salary or who are on Sabbatical Leave 20%, Unchanged

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