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All information in this section is derived from the Agreement between The City University of New York and the Professional Staff Congress/CUNY.

The evaluation of the professional activities of all employees, in a public institution of higher education is essential to the maintenance of academic and professional standards of excellence. The purpose of professional evaluations shall be to encourage the improvement of individual professional performance and to provide a basis for decisions on reappointment, tenure and promotions. An evaluation of professional activities shall be based on total professional performance. Written evaluation shall be on file for all employees.

Evaluation of a member of the teaching faculty shall be based on total academic performance, with especial attention to teaching effectiveness, including, but not limited to, such elements as: classroom instruction and related activities; administrative assignments; research; scholarly writing; departmental, college and university assignments; student guidance; course and curricula development; creative works in individual’s discipline; and public and professional activities in field of specialty.

Teaching Observation

Teaching observation is one factor in total evaluation of academic performance of the teaching staff.

At least once during each academic semester, non-tenured and non-certificated members of the teaching staff shall be observed for a full classroom period. One observation shall take place during any scheduled class during the first ten weeks of a semester. The employee shall be given no less than 24 hours of prior notice of observation.

Tenured and certificated members of the teaching staff may be observed once each semester.

Each department P&B committee shall designate a panel, the size to be specified by the chairperson, of department observers, including members of the P&B committee. The department chairperson shall schedule the members of this panel to conduct observations as necessary. Each observer shall submit, through the department chairperson, a written observation report to the department P&B committee within one week of the observation. These observation reports shall be considered by the committee in its total evaluation of the employee.

After ten semesters of service teaching observation for adjunct personnel shall be held at the request of the chairperson or the adjunct.

Annual Evaluations

Full-Time Faculty: At least once each year, faculty members other than tenured full professors shall have an evaluation conference with the department chairperson or a member of the departmental P&B committee to be assigned by the chairperson. Tenured full professors may be evaluated. At the conference, the employee’s total academic performance and professional progress for that year and cumulatively to date shall be reviewed. Following this conference, the chairperson or the assigned member of the P&B shall prepare a record of the discussion in memorandum form for inclusion in the employee’s personal file. Within ten (10) working days after the conference, a copy of the memorandum shall be given to the employee. If the overall evaluation is unsatisfactory, the memorandum shall so state. The employee in such case shall have the right to endorse on the memorandum a request to appear in person before the department P&B.

Part-Time Faculty: After four semesters of service annual evaluation for adjunct personnel shall be held at the request of the chairperson or the adjunct, provided, however, that if such evaluations are conducted at the request of the adjunct, such evaluations may not be conducted more than once every four semesters.

In the event that a date for yearly evaluation is not scheduled by March 1, the employee shall, within ten working days thereafter, file a request for an observation and/or conference with the chairperson or supervisor. A copy of the request shall be sent to the appropriate dean and the Office of the President. Failure of the employee to file the request shall bar the employee form subsequent complaint regarding such non-compliance with the above-stated scheduling requirement. Upon receipt of the request, the dean or President shall cause appropriate remedial action to be taken to insure compliance with this provision.

Annual Faculty Evaluation Format:

Student Course Evaluations

At the end of each course, students are given the opportunity to evaluate the course using a scan-sheet-questionnaire. Course evaluations are an important part of tenure and of Certificate of Continuous Employment (CCE) decisions. It is important to see that these are conducted.

Evaluation forms and scan-sheets are available in your department at the end of each semester. Ultimately, it is the chair's responsibility to share the results of the evaluation with faculty prior to having them filed in the faculty personnel file. All student evaluations are to be included in the candidate's tenure and promotion files.

Dean's Review

Five Year: Faculty members working towards tenure or Continuous Certificate of Employment (CCE), in their second and third year of service must undergo deans' review.
Seven Year: Faculty members working towards tenure, in their second and fifth year of service must undergo deans' review.

These reviews are conducted specifically to address the candidates’ strengths and/or weaknesses for an appointment with tenure in the near future. If you have any questions regarding deans' review, contact your academic dean.