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College Laboratory Technician

A college laboratory technician shall perform laboratory functions and other technical duties of a highly skilled nature which are reasonably related to such functions but which are nevertheless non-teaching. A college laboratory technician, for example, shall provide lecture support in the form of set-ups of equipment displays and demonstrations and laboratory support for experiments and for research. Each department shall develop a specific job description, which will be related to the laboratory or technical requirements of the department. Where appropriate, the technician shall exercise some supervision.

For appointment as a college laboratory technician, a person, in addition to possessing knowledge and skills related to the discipline, shall be a high school graduate possessing one of the following sets of minimum additional qualifications: (a) four (4) years of work or experience appropriate to the requirements of the department at a level of competence comparable to that indicated by apprenticeship in the skilled trades, or (b) an associate degree and a minimum of two (2) years of experience of the type described above, or (c) a bachelor's degree in an area appropriate to the duties to be performed, or (d) an appropriate combination of at least four (4) years of education and work experience beyond high school.

The candidate shall have the personal characteristics needed to work effectively with students and staff.

Senior College Laboratory Technician

A senior college laboratory technician shall, through technical or administrative skills, assume, under faculty or executive direction, clearly defined supervisory functions or perform complex technical functions in laboratories or technical areas. These functions shall be clearly defined, in a job description, as requiring substantially greater skills, ability, and experience or responsibility than those of a college laboratory technician. Duties may include maintenance, fabrication, modification, and repair of laboratory equipment, writing of purchase specifications, and coordination of the physical preparation of laboratories. A senior college laboratory technician shall be able to use professional judgment regarding the use of materials related to specific classes and shall have organizational and logistical skills to enable a variety of needs to be met simultaneously.

For appointment as senior college laboratory technician, a person shall have the qualifications, skills, and abilities of a college laboratory technician and a minimum of four additional years of experience and/or education at a level of competence at least equal to that of a college laboratory technician; appropriate technical skills, and the ability to direct, train, and supervise subordinate laboratory personnel. Longevity and seniority shall not be sufficient for promotion or appointment to this title.

Chief College Laboratory Technician

A chief college laboratory technician (no more than ten percent of the laboratory technician series staff at a college) shall perform duties in either or both of the following areas: (1) direction or direction and training of other laboratory or technical personnel under general faculty or executive supervision; (2) performance of highly specialized work requiring significant theoretical knowledge, scientific and technical expertise, professional judgment, and insight in one of the fields of laboratory or applied science.

Direction of other laboratory and technical personnel may be exercised by a single person in a large department with managerial responsibility over a significant number of technicians, or the interdepartmental responsibilities of a single person may require equivalent managerial duties. Highly specialized work performed by a chief college laboratory technician may include development of research designs and fabrication, modification, repair, maintenance and operation of highly complex research or technical equipment. The job description must define clearly the exceptional nature of the duties, including the number and level of personnel supervised and/or the technical tasks assigned.

For appointment as a chief college laboratory technician, a person shall have the qualifications and all of the skills of a senior college laboratory technician and, in addition, a minimum of four (4) additional years of appropriate experience related to the job at a level at least equal to that of a senior college laboratory technician. A masters degree in an area appropriate to the duties to be performed may substitute for one year of experience. Unique technical expertise clearly above that expected of senior technicians in a department or division shall be required. Longevity and seniority shall not be a basis for appointment or promotion to this title.


Last modified: Oct 13, 2011

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