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Researcher's Manual - Intramural Funding

Lehman Opportunities

Lehman College's Office of Academic Affairs supports research by its full-time faculty and teaching staff by allocating a portion of recovered indirect costs to support the following intramural research opportunities:

Lehman Bridge Grants

Lehman College Bridge grants are designed to meet the short-term and absolutely essential needs of researchers who have an established record of external funding. The College will make up to three bridge grants a year. The maximum amount of an individual bridge grant is $15,000. (The award amount may not exceed one third of the indirect cost generated by the applicant during the previous three years.) Only faculty with a strong record of external funding and a proposal approved for funding or a proposal submitted that has a reasonable chance of getting funded are eligible. No individual or research group may receive more than two such grants within five consecutive academic years. (There must be at 12 months between the termination of the first Bridge Grant and the start of the second.) Bridge grants will be awarded based upon a formal application to the Research and Scholarship Committee. Bridge grants awarded in a single year will not total more than 20 percent of the entire sum awarded for research support in that year.

Lehman Faculty Development Program

The purpose of this program is to foster research by tenured and tenure-track faculty by providing released time from teaching. This program provides three hours of released time for faculty to pursue a piece of research/scholarship. Funds are available to fund approximately 10-15 proposals per academic year.

All research must be conducted in compliance with applicable Federal, State, CUNY, and Lehman College regulations and policies with respect to human participants, animal subjects, and bio hazardous materials. Recipients are encouraged to submit an application for external funding within one year after the end of the award.

All tenured and tenure-track faculty appointed prior to September 1, 2003, as well as all faculty who were appointed with tenure more recently are encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to tenured and tenure-track faculty who do not have released time from any other sources. Faculty who previously received an award must submit a progress or final report for the previously supported work. Note: Proposals creating an overload or multiple will not be funded.

George N. Shuster Fellowship

The George N. Shuster Fellowship Fund makes available modest grants to support scholarly work in progress, particularly work nearing completion by full-time members of the Instructional Staff. These grants may not be used for research connected with the completion of advanced degrees. The work should be scholarly, not commercial, and evidence of progress should be available.

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