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Creating an online course takes more reflection than to simply decide what assignments and activities should be moved online. Online education is a shift from a traditional lecture model to hands-on and peer-to-peer learning, facilitated through web supported exercises and online discussion… Aside from that setting up courses and communicating online is time consuming!

Luckily there are tremendous advantages and benefits to hybrid/blended online learning for the instructor and the students. Those who design online courses can use web resources to form substantial and motivational creative learning opportunities.

To meet educational outcomes in the hybrid classroom you will be driven by group and individual efforts, and self-directed abilities on the part of your students, and by the structure of the course itself. There are multimedia programs, e-books, videotaped lectures, threaded discussion boards, videos, wikis, blogs and many other online resources that allow students to work together, at their own pace, and that provide the necessary social stimuli for learning in the blended online classroom.

Last modified: Oct 13, 2011

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