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Academic Masterplan

The foundation of an outstanding university is an innovative and thoughtful curriculum developed by faculty who are experts in their fields. The Office of Academic Programs works with the faculty to develop and refine courses and academic programs that will ensure that our students succeed not only in the classroom, but also in their professional careers.

Current Academic Programs and Self Study Schedule

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Strategic Plan for Renewal of Academic Programs

Strategic Goals:

Ensure that existing programs will remain or become current and relevant, providing students with an education that will prepare them optimally for successful careers.

Develop new programs that will be attractive to students and career-oriented.

Operational Goals:

# What? Why? How? Who? When?
1 Develop an inventory of employment opportunities (potential and historic) for all majors. Marketing tool. Matching student expectations with reality. Perform a survey of departments. Obtain data from Alumni Relations and to social media. Alumni Relations in collaboration with departments Starting in Fall 2016
2 Facilitate discussion within departments regarding opportunities to prepare students optimally for professional careers Programs remaining or becoming relevant in an increasingly competitive environment. Prioritize departments. Hold meeting with the Dean and Chairs (and members of the departmental curriculum committees). S. Becker in collaboration with Deans and Chairs. Conversations with departments to commence in Fall 2016.
3 Facilitate the installation of external advisory boards for academic programs. Programs remaining or becoming relevant in an increasingly competitive environment. Request departments to suggest potential candidates.

Provost, S. Becker, Deans

Conversations with departments to commence in Fall 2016.
4 Investigate the potential of new academic programs with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary, combined BS/MS, or graduate programs. Provide opportunities for students in a changing job market. Remain relevant as an institution. Focus groups with faculty and external advisory boards.

S. Becker, Deans, Chairs

Conversations with departments to commence in Spring 2016.

Prospective new Academic Programs

The academic master plan contains a number of ideas for new - often interdisciplinary – programs for the next two, four, and more years, that are discussed and pursued by our community at stages that vary anywhere between "vague ideas" to "concrete proposals under development."