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What are Rubrics?

Rubrics are scoring guides that describe the specific criteria that will be used to evaluate student artifacts.  The most useful types contain performance levels to indicate the quality of work done, with each level described in a manner to contrast it with performance at other levels.  The AAC&U Value rubrics are examples of these types of "descriptive" rubrics. Advantages of using rubrics include:

Rubrics help instructors evaluate student work consistently and objectively.

Rubrics make your evaluation criteria transparent.

Rubrics help instructors provide detailed feedback to students.

Rubics help to make scoring faster and easier.

For more information about rubrics: [DOCX]  [PDF]

Getting started assessing student work in Blackboard

Using a rubric in Blackboard is a simple process. You may score any type of student artifact, including gradeable papers, discussion board postings, Wiki pages, journal entries, or blogs. As scores and feedback are entered into a rubric, they are automatically reflected in the Grade Center, which saves instructors a considerable time. To assess student artifacts in Blackboard, you must create an assignment and link it with a rubric and then score the artifact using the rubric. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the follwing links for instructions:

Step 1: Create an Assignment and Associate a Rubric in Blackboard [PDF]

Watch the video below

Create an Assignment and Associate a Rubric in Blackboard

Step 2: Score Student Work Using the Rubric [PDF]

Watch the video below

Score Student Work Using the Rubric

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Technical Questions?: Contact: Stephen Castellano | Online Teaching and Learning Technology Specialist | | 718-960-8658

Assessment Questions?: Contact: Raymond Galinski | Assessment Coordinator | | 718-960-8645

Written Communication Assessment

At Lehman, we are committed to providing students with an education that will prepare them to be successful in their professional lives. Strong written communication skills are essential, regardless of the path that our graduates take after they leave Lehman. Please click on the following links for additional information about assessing students' written comminication skills.

AAC&U Value Rubric for Written Communication [PDF]

Assessment of Students’ Written Communication Skills Handbook [DOCX]   [PDF]

Creating Effective Writing Assignments - Link to resources avaialable through Lehman's Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program

Video recording of the workshop "Learning Outcomes Assessment" by Cindy Lobel and Jessica Yood on January 23, 2017

Quantitative Literacy/Reasoning Assessment

AAC&U Value Rubric for Quantitative Literacy [PDF]

More information about Using Writing to Support Quantitative Reasoning

Video Recording of the workshop "Making the Rubric Work for You and Your Students: Quantitative Reasoning" by Mia Budescu and Naomi Spene on March 31, 2017

QR support: Mia Budescu and Naomi Spence | QR Liason | | | 718-960-8658