President Cruz's statement on the aftermath of Charlottesville

Photo of counter-protesters in Boston

This weekend’s peaceful demonstrations in cities and towns throughout the nation were a welcome change from the shameless display we witnessed earlier in August. It was heartening to see so many joining together to denounce the principles of hatred and racism in the aftermath of the heartbreaking and senseless loss of life in Charlottesville.

But we must continue to be vigilant and vocal. We must redouble our efforts to speak out against the destructive power of prejudice. In fighting against McCarthyism in 1954, then Senator Herbert H. Lehman said we must safeguard “freedom, our civil liberties, and the principles of justice, of decency, and morality.” I am proud that our community stands so resolutely for equity, opportunity, inclusiveness and respect – the very tenets that guided our college’s namesake.

As the new semester begins and we embark on the 50th anniversary of the founding of our college, let us celebrate the legacy of Herbert Lehman by deepening our commitment to human rights and social justice within our campus and across the greater community. There is no more worthy endeavor, and I will proudly walk with you every step of the way.