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Commencement Take 4000 feet of cable, 10 cameras, one mobile television studio, one steadicam, HMI stage lighting, one jib, one really long zoom lens, 4 laptops and a 15-member student and intern crew and what do you get? A successful video recording and broadcast of the 44th Annual Lehman College Graduation.

From the beginning our production goal had two parts to it, both equally important. The first was to capture the full commencement along with the energy on campus during the day. The second was to have students and interns work as the crew, having them be part of a professional production from beginning to end.

From the beginning, it was the collaboration between the Multimedia Center, Buildings & Grounds, BronxNet, Student Affairs, and Media Relations that was essential in making the event run smoothly.

2 months before the event:

3 weeks before the event:

2 weeks before:

3 days before:

2 days before:

1 day before:

Commencement Day

1 day after

That sums it up. A small idea of the how things transpired from our point of view. The key is that everyone involved came together to make a successful production from beginning to end. Whether typing in graphics, setting crew assignments, running cable or assembling camera kits, it was an awesome team effort.

Now for the fun stuff. Below are some of the results of this student production.

Lastly is a little time-lapse fun. Our still camera crew setup a photo booth with the graduates and asked them to have a little fun with the camera. Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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