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Recent Publications

  • Garvey, J., Gordon, J., Kleinbard, P. and Wasserman, P. “The Turtle’s Shell: Protecting the Life Underneath.” New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education. Volume 2013. No. 139. (2013). 45-55. Print.
  • Jones, Jaye. “The Impact of Women Reading for Education Affinity & Development (WREAD).” English Quarterly, Vol. 43 No. 3-4, 2012.
  • Takahashi, Chikako. “Impact of Dictionary Use Skills Instruction on Second Language Writing.” Working Papers in TESOL & Applied Linguistics, Vol. 12, No. 2, 2012.

Recent Workshops & Presentations

  • Jones, J. “Getting at the Core: Emotionally Responsive Teaching and Practice in the Common Core Era.” CUNY HSE Night. New York, NY. January 2014.
  • Jones, J. “Islands of Possibility: Using Emotionally Responsive Teaching Strategies to Support Learning, Insight and Growth in Women with Histories of Trauma.” 15th Bi-Annual Adult and Juvenile Female Offenders (AJFO) Conference. Portland, Maine. October 2013.
  • Jones, J. “Personal Responsibility: Completing High School, Earning a GED/HSE, and Graduating from College.” Panel Moderator. CUNY Black Male Initiative, Eighth Annual Conference. York College. Jamaica, NY. October 2013.
  • Jones, J. “Using Emotionally Responsive Teaching Strategies to Support Learning and Personal Growth.” Literacy Assistance Center. New York, NY. October 2013.
  • Jones, J. “Smoothing the Pathway to Success: Using Emotionally Responsive Teaching Practices to Engage and Support Learners.” NYACCE 62nd Annual Conference. Albany, NY. May 2013.
  • Jones, J. “Teaching and Reaching: Emotionally Responsive Teaching Practices.” The 8th Annual Literacy Review Workshops in Teaching Writing to Adult Basic Education, GED and ESOL Students. New York, NY. September 2012.
  • McNamara, M., Burton, M. and Jones, J. “RISE to the Challenge: Building Adult Learners’ Scientific Literacy and STEM Career Interest.” Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE)/PAACE National Conference. Pittsburgh, PA. March 2014.
  • McNamara, M. and Jones, J. “Creating Common Ground: Innovative Ways to Integrate Common Core Standards with Adult Learners.” 9th Annual Workshops in Teaching Writing to Adult Basic Education, GED and ESOL Students. New York University. New York, NY. September 2013.
  • Takahashi, C. “Teaching Dictionary Use Skills in the Classroom.” NYS TESOL 42nd Annual Conference. Albany, NY. November 2012.

Selected Archive of Publications

  • Ellowitch, Azi. “Authentic Communication is Key: A Case Study on the Intersection of Adult Education and Family Literacy.” Literacy Harvest/Family Literacy Forum, National Even Start Association, Vol.5 No.3, Fall 2005. [PDF]
  • Ellowitch, Azi. A Curriculum in Employment: Women and the World of Work. Philadelphia: Lutheran Women's Settlement House, 1985.
  • Ellowitch, Azi. Hidden Treasures: An Annotated Bibliography of Puerto Rican, Nuyorican, and Caribbean Literature for Use in Adult Basic Education. NY: Institute for Literacy Studies, 1991.
  • Ellowitch, Azi. Tell Me About It: Reading and Language Activities Around Multi-Cultural Issues Based on an Oral History Approach. Philadelphia: Urban Studies and Community Services Center of La Salle University, 1986.
  • Ellowitch, Azi and Karen Griswold. "The South Bronx FLITE Even Start Family Literacy Partnership: Manyara's Story." Portraits of Families: New York State Even Start Family Literacy Partnership. Albany: New York State Education Department, 2001.
  • Ellowitch, Azi, Karen Griswold, Melanie Hammer, Deborah Shelton, Lena O. Townsend, & Marcie Wolfe. Portraits of Youth Programs: Education After-School. Ed. M. Wolfe. NY: Institute for Literacy Studies, 1991.
  • Griswold, Karen & Claudia M. Ullman. Not a One-Way Street: The Power of Reciprocity in Family Literacy Programs. NY: Institute for Literacy Studies, 1997. (ED413420) [PDF]
  • Wasserman, Paul, Deborah Shelton, et al. Teachers Talk: A Summary of GED Curriculum and Teaching. NY: Division of Adult and Continuing Education, CUNY Office of Academic Affairs, 1993.
  • Wasserman, Paul. "What's It All About? Reflections on the Workforce Investment Act and its Implementation in New York State and New York City." Literacy Harvest, a journal of the Literacy Assistance Center, Spring 2001. [PDF]


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