Library Policies


Posting Policy

Bulletin boards are available on each floor of the Library for postings pertaining to Lehman College or CUNY events, activities, meetings, etc. Bulletin boards may not be used for non-Lehman or CUNY-sponsored events.

  • All materials to be posted should be submitted in advance to the Office of Student Affairs, Shuster Hall, Room 206
  • Fliers must be approved and stamped by Student Affairs before posting
  • Bulletin boards by library elevators are for Library announcements only
  • Fliers must not be posted in Library stairwells, elevators, or bathrooms
  • Limited space allows for short term posting only. Material will be discarded after a limited time.
  • Postings should not exceed 8.5 x 14”
  • Any material in violation of these policies will be discarded



Last modified: Aug 20, 2014