Mission Statement

Books and technology, print and electronic documents, databases, Special Collections, and multimedia are the various formats of the 21st century academic library.  Providing both physical and virtual space, websites and Group Study Rooms are some of the challenges in operating a Library round-the-clock, in a 24/7 digital environment.

We are proud of our light-filled building, and committed to outstanding user services.  Ultimately, the strongest feature of our Library is our faculty and staff, who always seek ways to serve you better.

—Kenneth Schlesinger, Chief Librarian.

The Library supports Lehman’s educational mission, and is committed to providing personnel, facilities, resources, technology, and services that meet the information and scholarly requisites of the College community, help foster personal and professional development, and inspire lifelong learning.

We are dedicated to:

  • Providing a friendly, welcoming environment
  • Maintaining a comfortable, attractive facility that promotes research and inquiry
  • Acquiring print, electronic, and multimedia resources that address curricular and research mandates
  • Encouraging information and computer literacy through instruction
  • Adopting innovative technologies that enhance research, teaching and learning
  • Serving as a portal for acquisition and dissemination of scholarship and knowledge
  • Supporting research needs of the CUNY community and affiliates, as well as patrons consulting the Federal Government Documents depository and Special Collections.

Last modified: Aug 20, 2014