Education Division Courses - Library Instruction

Education Division Courses - Library Instruction

Request a Library Class

We encourage all faculty in the Education Division to arrange for Library Instruction for your courses. This instruction will be tailored to the content and goals of each course.

To schedule Library instruction for a course offered through the Division of Education, simply fill out the form below. These requests are submitted to Professor Alison Lehner-Quam, Education Librarian, who will confirm your request within three days of receipt.

You may also contact Professor Lehner-Quam, via e-mail ( or phone 718-960-7756.

  1. All instruction will be conducted in the Library, unless otherwise noted.
  2. Instruction takes place in the Library's instructional lab B 27 A, B, or C. Hands-on and lecture labs available. Class size and scheduling may determine location.
  3. Instructional classes are one to two hours depending on class schedule and need.
  4. Course instructor is expected to attend.
  5. NB: All students must have a valid Lehman ID in order to enter the library. Please remind your students a) to validate their ID's prior to the Library’s instruction session and b) to have their valid ID's with them on the day of the session.
  6. Assignments and syllabus for courses are welcome prior to Library instructional class.

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Describe the assignment you expect the students to complete as a result of what they learn in this Library instructional class. Kindly forward a copy of the assignment and syllabus prior to your class visit.

List any topics that students have been assigned or have chosen to use in this assignment. This information is useful in demonstration searches.

Will students need to learn basic information about finding books and journal articles in the library using the Library Catalog and databases?

Yes No

List any particular print and/or electronic information resources you expect students to use for their research. For more information, call Prof. Cohen at 718-960-7756 or view List Database A-Z list.

What concepts and/or skills do you want students to become familiar with? Check all that apply and use the space below to make additional comments.

The research process
Developing a search strategy
Topic Selection
Evaluation information (sources)
Evaluating Websites
General Navigational Skills
Internet search techniques
Library services (ILL, Reserves, etc.)
Library catalog
Database Selection
Narrowing Topic Searches
Reference tools (discipline specific)
Reference tools (general)
Subject headings vs. keyword searching
Scholarly vs. popular sources
Walking tour
Use of government resources
Use of online databases
Use of paper indexes
Use of primary resources
Search Engines
Citing Resources (MLA, APA, etc.)

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