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Prof. Sanford Interviewed in Madrid on A la carta Radio

July 5, 2011

Professor Victoria Sanford (Anthropology), director of Lehman's Center for Human Rights and Peace Studies, was the featured interview on Madrid's A la carta Radio during the International Conference on Exhumations in Spain. She will present a keynote address on the exhumations she helped to conduct that provided evidence of genocide in Guatemala.

Listen to the interview, which was conducted in English:
English Language Broadcast - "Other Voices": Prof. Victoria Sanford

The interview follows the recent arrest of a former Guatemalan general, Hector Mario Lopez Fuentes, who has been charged with genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity in the Ixil area of that country. Professor Sanford is completing work on a book with the working title Genocidio en la Area Ixil: El caso de Acul y testimonios de sobrevivientes (Genocide in the Ixil Area: The Case of Acul and Survivor Testimonies), which she hopes to publish prior to his trial.