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Dancing Professionally: Life After Lehman

February 10, 2011

Professor Amy Larimer (JCT) will moderate a discussion about the realities of the life of a professional dancer and choreographer in "Dancing Professionally: Life After Lehman." The talk will take place on Wednesday, February 16, at 3:30 p.m. in the APEX, Room M18. The talk is open to the campus community, but dance majors and minors are especially welcome.

Invited guests include Nicholas Leichter, choreographer and founder of the Nicholas Leichter Dance in New York; Paule Turner, assistant professor of dance at Rowan University and founder of the Paule Turner Court in Philadelphia; and dancer and choreographer Kattie Workum. Together, they will discuss what it takes to survive as a professional dancer.

A dance and theater artist, Professor Larimer is a founding member of Nicholas Leichter Dance and toured internationally with the company for eight years. Her own work blends movement, sound, and text and draws heavily on improvisation. Her most recent research involves experimenting with the ways that improvisational structures from dance and comedy can inform each other.

For more information on this event, call 718-960-1896.