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Honors College Students Visit Indian Point Nuclear Facility

December 6, 2010

Lehman Distinguished Professor of Physics Dr. Eugene Chudnovsky (front row, seventh from left) arranged for a trip on December 2 to the Indian Point Nuclear Facility for the students in his Macaulay Honors College seminar. The Science and Technology seminar studies nuclear energy as well as other forms of energy. Dr. Chudnovsky conducts research in magnetism and superconductivity, including quantum tunneling of the magnetic moment; quantum dynamics of the magnetic flux in superconductors; molecular nanomagnets; and magnetic and superconducting qubits. His research is supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy. He was elected in 1993 as a fellow of the American Physical Society for his seminal contributions to the theory of random magnets, macroscopic quantum tunneling, and flux order in high-temperature superconductors.