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Prof. Pérez Wins LISTA Award

November 1, 2010

Prof. Miguel Pérez was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by Jose Marquez, the National President/CEO of LISTA.

Professor Miguel Pérez, chair of Journalism, Communications, and Theatre, received a Campeones de Nuestra Communidad Lifetime Achievement Award last month from Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA).

The annual ceremony, held in October to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, was presented by LISTA’s New York and New Jersey Technology Council.

"I felt honored by this recognition, especially because many of my Lehman colleagues were there with me," said Professor Pérez, "and because it came from a national organization that is committed to bridging the digital divide, just as we are at Lehman College. Our new Multimedia Center, where so many of our minority students are leaping over that divide, is the realization, at least in the Bronx, of LISTA's national dream."

An award-winning reporter and nationally syndicated columnist with a long, distinguished career, Pérez is a frequent CNN contributor who speaks about the issues and concerns of America's Latino population. He has overseen the creation of the College's new multimedia journalism major.

LISTA is a national not-for-profit organization with a network of over 65,000 Latino professionals from across the country. It offers professional development, career mentoring, and technical education.