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Lehman Math Student Wins National Honor

November 1, 2010

Lehman student Ann Marie Alcocer, left, with Professor Katherine St. John.

Ann Marie Alcocer, a senior at Lehman College, won first place at the annual New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation Student Research Conference last month.

Alcocer, a math major, came in first at the national conference for her poster presentation on the data structures known as binary trees. Her illustration represents how data are structured and shows ways to balance binary trees more efficiently with different algorithms.

"I was ecstatic that I won," says Alcocer, who moved back to the Pelham Parkway neighborhood of the Bronx, where she was born, after growing up in Arizona.

Alcocer is quick to give credit to her fellow students who conducted the research that went into the poster: senior Daniele Ippolito, also a math major, and computer science majors Oliver T. Mendez, a senior, and Kadian Brown, who graduated in the spring.

"Ann Marie was number one at the whole conference," says her mentor, Professor Katherine St. John (Mathematics and Computer Science). "That's very impressive and very well deserved."

Alcocer's research, which is supervised by Professor St. John, is funded by grants from the CUNY/Louis Stokes Alliance Minority Participation in Research and the computational mathematics and mathematical biology programs, all at the National Science Foundation.