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Lehman Welcomes Its First Shanghai University Librarian-in-Residence

September 29, 2010

Ming Lu and Professor Kachuen Gee

The City University of New York-Shanghai University Library Faculty Exchange Program recently welcomed the first librarian to pursue a one-month residency at Lehman College.

Ming Lu, associate professor of information science at Shanghai University Library, is spending September and part of October at the Leonard Lief Library, where he is observing its technology operations, IT meetings, multimedia lab, and management of the Library's database system. He also will visit other prominent New York libraries to evaluate management of U.S. academic libraries and hopes to bring back new management ideas.

The program began last spring to promote cultural and scholarly exchange between CUNY, Shanghai University, and Shanghai Normal University. Four CUNY campuses in addition to Lehman have agreed to host visiting Chinese faculty from these institutions.

Kenneth Schlesinger, chief librarian of the Leonard Lief Library, helped plan and develop the program with the assistance of Kachuen Gee, who is the head of acquisition and cataloging as well as Ming Lu's residency mentor. They both hope to develop library operations in Shanghai and New York and to expose faculty to new skills and international strategies. Through the program, American and Chinese library faculty also collaborate on special projects and research.

Jennifer King, Lehman's science librarian, will visit Shanghai Normal University in October, while Sheau-yueh Janey Chao of Baruch College visits Shanghai University.