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JCT Professor Presents Short Film at Berlin Film Festival

August 27, 2010

Professor Susan Watson Turner

Professor Susan Watson Turner (Journalism, Communication, and Theatre) presented a screening of her latest short film, "The Mattress Hustle," at the twenty-fifth annual Black International Cinema Festival in Berlin, Germany this spring. The festival celebrates black cultures from around the world through film.

"The Mattress Hustle," which she directed, follows a young couple's antics as they transition from entry-level jobs to the careers of their dreams, and addresses the larger theme of career choice versus quality of life. Professor Watson Turner gave a talk at the opening of the conference about the film and the challenges that African American artists face in the U.S.

"The film has opened a lot of doors for me to travel and talk about the arts in general," she says. "The people in Germany were very interested in our culture. It was a nice exchange." The film will be screened at the Chicago film festival this fall. Professor Watson Turner joined the Lehman faculty in 2003 and has directed productions for community, regional, and off-Broadway theatre.

She also has produced a feature-length movie entitled "Blinded by Love" and directed a number of short films and documentaries, including "The Journey of Seven Guitars." Her stage work includes "The Fire Inside," based on the life of poet Nikki Giovanni, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning production of "A Soldier's Play," presented while she was general manager, producing director, and board member of the Negro Ensemble Company.

In her future productions, she is interested in the merging of theatre and cinema. Film trailers and excerpts of her work are available at